Did you know

Cape Tankers is a important
global player in the transportation
of crude oil and DPP

Panamax International

Panamax International
operates a fleet consisting of 30
double hull Panamax Tankers/LR1

Aframax International

Aframax International
operates a fleet of
6-12 Aframax Tankers/LR2

Cape Tankers

In Cape Tankers we are committed to providing our clients with high performance, flexible and reliable transportation services.

About Panamax International

Panamax International was established in 2005 as a joint venture by Ultranav, International Seaways and EP Flopec. The fleet consists of around 30 double hull Panamax Tankers/LR1.

About Aframax International

Aframax International is a leading provider of oil transportation services, operating a fleet of 6-12 modern and efficient Aframax Tankers/LR2.

Cape Tankers highlights

Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonisation

We believe that shipping must and can decarbonise fully by 2050, and we are taking concrete action towards this goal. But to match the urgency of the climate crisis, we need the support of governments now. Ultranav joins the Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonisation launched by Global Maritime Forum.

Join the team

When you join Cape Tankers, you join the Ultranav family. We value a positive and open atmosphere and we truly care about each other. Find out what it is like to be part of the Ultranav family.


Decarbonisation of the shipping industry

Cape Tankers is committed to a cleaner future and we strive to play an active role in exceeding IMO’s mandatory targets of reducing CO2 intensity by at least 40% until 2030 and total GHG emissions by 50% until 2050.

Part of Ultranav

Cape Tankers is part of Ultranav, a privately owned shipping company with offices in 19 countries. Through twelve business units, we operate in five market segments: Tankers, gas, dry bulk, coastal trades, and towage & offshore. We operate a fleet of gas and chemical carriers, tankers for crude oil and clean petroleum products, bulk carriers, feeder container ships, multipurpose vessels, harbor tugs, PSVs, AHTS, pusher tugs, barges and pilot boats.

Ultranav businesses


Cape Tankers is part of Ultranav, a large and diversified group of shipping companies. Ultranav was founded in Chile in 1960 by Captain Albert von Appen.