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Panamax International (PI) was established in 2005 by Ultranav, International Seaways (INSW) and Flota Petrolera Ecuatoriana (EP Flopec). The fleet consists of around 30 Panamax Tankers/LR1 which provide flexible and reliable transportation services to the oil industry. With its modern fleet of double hull vessels and a strong focus on customers, Panamax International is able to meet the most demanding of charterers’ needs.

The chartering and operations activities of the Venture are performed by Cape Tankers from their office in Miami, USA and from the EP Flopec office in Ecuador, while all business support functions are based in Chile.

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Panamax International fleet

Panamax International has one of the largest international dirty petroleum product Panamax/LR1 trading platforms, providing flexible, cost efficient and reliable transportation services and solutions. The fleet is engaged in diversified manners ranging from meeting COA commitments, on time-period employment, spot and cabotage activities. Activities are primarily focused on coastal and regional trades in the America’s.

Fleet list 63,000-75,000 dwt

Antipolis 5 2018 72,120 Yes
Ariane 16 2007 73,784 No
Cabo De Hornos 17 2006 74,543 No
Cabo Froward 17 2006 74,543 No
Cabo Fuji 6 2017 74,241 Yes
Cabo Kamui 7 2016 74,241 Yes
Cabo Misaki 6 2017 74,241 Yes
Chantal 14 2009 74,329 No
Neapolis 5 2018 72,120 Yes
Nicopolis 6 2017 73,879 Yes
Pelagic Tope 15 2008 76,564 No
Persepolis 5 2018 72,120 Yes
Salamina 14 2009 74,200 No
Seaways Eagle 12 2011 69,999 No
Seaways Guayaquil 14 2009 74,999 No
Seaways Leyte 12 2011 73,944 No
Seaways Luzon 17 2006 74,908 No
Seaways Samar 12 2011 73,920 No
Seaways Visayas 17 2006 74,933 No
Selecao 15 2008 74,296 No
Selini 14 2009 74,200 No
Socrates 15 2008 74,327 No
World Harmony 14 2009 74,200 No

Trading patterns



Cape Tankers is part of Ultranav, a large and diversified group of shipping companies. Ultranav was founded in Chile in 1960 by Captain Albert von Appen.